Sunday, February 1, 2009



I’m on my way home to you Angel. Are you ready for me? Are you desperate for the touch of my hands? Do you long to be wrapped in my arms?
I’ve been gone from you too long baby. I want you so bad....need you so bad. I miss the feel of your soft body under mine as I plunge deep within your warm wet folds. Are you wet for me baby?
I yearn for the feel of your silky hair strewn across my thighs as you take me deep into your throat. Can you taste me? Nobody has ever been able to do that to me like you can baby. You’re the only one who’s ever known just the right way to touch me, to caress me with your magnificent tongue. My cock is hard...straining, as I sit here typing to you, just imagining what you can - what you will - soon be doing to me. But not tonight...tonight my love is all about you.
I can imagine you now...waiting for me at the gate. It’s cool out but you have braved the weather and are wearing a short tight skirt – black of course. I can see the barest hint of the top of a lacy stocking. Both are peeking out from beneath a long beige coat that conceals your curves but I know they are there. Our first will have to be chaste my love...we can’t get carried away in the airport. That will have to wait until we are home. Can you wait that long baby? Can you wait until we are home to feel me deep inside you? Perhaps in the car...
We rush together through the busy airport, unable to take our hands off each other and collapse laughing into the back of the large limousine. Our mood sobers as our desire takes hold. I instruct the driver and press the button for the privacy screen, barely in control of my need. I am thankful for the dark tinted windows, impervious to the stares of bystanders on the curb, as I strip you of your coat and my hands fumble with the buttons of your blouse.
The pale skin of your torso is revealed to me inch by glorious inch as each button complies. Your breath quickens as my knuckles brush over your cleavage, my hands descending lower and lower. And then your blouse is open and your beautiful soft mounds are my reward. I lean in and take a pert little pebble in my mouth, and you gasp, your body arching towards me in need. I feel it too baby...
I begin to run my hand up the inside of your silk clad thigh. I skirt my fingers under the edge of your skirt and ride it up to reveal your soft curls. You naughty didn’t wear panties. Do you need a spanking...No...Not today at least. Today is about pleasure...not punishment. We can save that for another time.
My warm wet mouth lays a trail of kisses to your neck and onto your ear. I whisper softly to you and you shiver involuntarily as my warm breath tickles your neck. I part your thighs and my fingers find your hot wet folds, I tease the lips ever so gently before plunging two fingers deep inside. They work their magic on your special spot while my thumb slowly circles your clit. Can you feel it baby? Are you hot for me?
I kiss down the length of your body and replace my thumb with my tongue. Your hips buck towards me, you thread your hands into my dark hair and groan loudly. I am sure even the driver heard that one. “Richie...please....,” you beg. I know what you are asking and I am happy to comply. I suck hard on your clit and feel you shudder beneath me as every nerve in your body tingles with the strength of your orgasm, unable to even utter a sound. But I don’t stop there, I ride the orgasm with you flicking and licking at your erect nub until you are so sensitive that you have to drag my head away.
I lay you along the seat now and within seconds my straining cock is free from my jeans and seated deep within you. You gasp as my legendary cock fills you, stretches you all the way to your womb. You pull me down to kiss me deeply and taste your juices on my tongue... it turns you on more and you begin to moan as another wave of pleasure builds. This time I am with you. I pump harder, faster as my balls clench and the heat of ecstasy burns through me. Together we cry out in rapture as we climax in unison. You wrap your arms tightly around me, holding me to you, not yet ready to lose the closeness after my long absence.
My flight is about to board my love. I will be with you soon. Are you ready to unwrap your present? Are you ready for me?

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