Sunday, February 1, 2009

Suite Bliss

A collaboration between Venus & The Fiction Mistress


Stephanie settled into her seat, still not quite believing she was actually at the first game the Giants were playing in the new stadium. Sure it was only pre-season, but still, the chance to watch her favorite team play in their brand new digs, and from a suite!

She knew she was grinning like a fool and she just couldn’t help herself. Reaching forward, she retrieved her new toy from the gift bag AT&T had provided for her and the other two contest winners. There was still at least ten more minutes before the teams took the field, so she took out her new Iphone and began to study the Quick Start guide.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a tall figure moving into the same row of outdoor seats from the suite next door. Glancing up with a smile, she froze as her gaze landed on dark eyes nearly as familiar as her own. “Oh fuck me,” she said softly.

Richie grinned in amusement, leaning forward to place his wallet and his phone under his seat. “Is that an offer, darlin’?”

Her entire body blushed, but she found herself nodding, unable to stop herself. “Oh honey, if I weren’t married I’d be over that rail and in your lap in about two seconds…”

His chuckle was low and throaty and Stephanie was mesmerized by the way his eyes sparkled. “I won’t tell your husband if you won’t,” he said with a wink. “What’s your name, honey?”

“Stephanie,” she replied, feeling an intense urge to pinch herself and make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

But at that moment, the dream got weirder as someone started moving down the row toward Richie…someone shorter, and blonder, with a blinding white smile. “Friend of yours, Rich?”

“Double fuck me…” Stephanie breathed.

Jon leaned forward and took in the long, wavy dark hair and the friendly smile. “Niiice….threesome…haven’t done that in a while my friend…” Jon teased.

“Nah, she’s married,” Richie shook his head regretfully. “AND she has morals.”

Grinning, Jon raised a bottle of beer to his lips. “Morals never stopped me.”

Stephanie swallowed hard. She was sure now this was a dream. First the new stadium, then the phone, and now she was sitting next to two of the sexiest men on the planet, and she was sure Jon was checking her out!

Fuck, she had to text Hath before she made it out to their seats and had a heart attack. Desperately, she pulled her new phone out and tried to figure out how to send a text. Giving up, she hit the icon that looked like a telephone and dialed the number from memory..

“Hath!” she hissed as soon as her friend answered. “Get your ass out here. You’re not gonna believe who’s in the box next to us.”

“Steph, I can’t hear you. And why the hell are you whispering?”

“Richie fucking Sambora, Hath, is sitting practically right next to me. And Jon’s on the other side.” Stephanie was talking as loudly as she dared, turned away from the two men with her hand covering her other ear. “Get OUT here!”

“I’ll be there in a sec with the drinks, just cool your jets babe,” Hath chuckled. “Ritas are on the way.

“Hath!” She wanted to yell but the sound came out as more of a squeak. Realizing the line had been disconnected, she squared her shoulders and turned back toward Richie, who was watching her with a very amused look on his face.

“Did I just hear you say Hath?”

Steph shook her head minutely, unsure whether she had heard correctly. “Sorry, what?”

“Did you just call your friend Hath? As in ‘The Goddess Hathor?’” Rich brown eyes looked intently into hers. He spoke slowly, carefully enunciating each word.


“Now c’mon honey...I’m sure you can form a more coherent sentence than that.” The corners of Richie’s eyes crinkled warmly.

“I’m um..I’m not so sure whether I should...” Oh shit, confirm or deny...what the fuck is keeping Hath.

“Hey honey... Marg and Rita are here and ready to party, time to let loose before we have to head back to reality. Can you believe this? Opening day at Giants Stadium...the Giants and the Pats and...” Hath was momentarily distracted by Steph’s frantic pointing towards the box next door. “...And OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!”

“No darlin’, just Richie.” The dimples were simply breathtaking this close up. This man had presence.

A sharp elbow in the thigh from Stephanie had Hath looking down. Again Stephanie pointed in the boys’ direction. Hath leaned over and looked around Richie.

“Fuck me!” She exclaimed.

“Cool man, looks like we just graduated to a foursome.” Jon said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Why didn’t you warn me?” Hath hissed out of the side of her mouth.

“I did...that’s why I called.” Stephanie said holding up and shaking the phone that was sill in her hand.

“Oh...yeah, sorry, I forgot about that.” Hath stood, her mouth slightly agape, as she stared in the boys’ direction.

“Can I have one of those...Or do you want them both?”

“Richie’s mine.” Hath answered quickly and a little too loudly.

Jon and Richie both sat relaxed in their box enjoying the show. There wasn’t much better than watching two beautiful ladies this flustered.

“Hath!” Stephanie looked pointedly in the boys direction and blushed brightly when she realised they were watching them intently. “I meant the drink!”

“Oh shit” Hath handed Stephanie one of the icy concoctions.

Stephanie took a long draw in the glass but stopped abruptly when the cold went to her head. “Ow...” She said rubbing her temple.

“Hehehe...brain freeze.” Richie chuckled. “So this is the famous Goddess..?”

Hath shot Stephanie an incredulous glare, “You told him?” She could feel the rest of the blood from her body make its way to her already reddened cheeks

“Not exactly” Stephanie shrugged impishly, “...he heard me on the phone.”

“No need to be embarrassed darlin’. I’m a huge fan of your work...” Richie face lit up in a wide grin. “Be sure to let me know if you ever want to do any research.”

Jon grinned as Richie and “Hath” hit it off right away, and with each margarita she got more brazen with her “research questions..”

But Jon was more intrigued by the brunette sitting next to her, watching her out of the corner of his eye. She seemed completely focused on the pre-game activities on the field, but he could tell she was discreetly checking him out. That suited him just fine because she was most definitely his “type,” and he wondered if she was also one of the famous “fiction” writers.

Stephanie was amused by the immediate rapport between Hath and Richie, but her attention was firmly fixed on Jon sitting just a few feet away. She doubted there was a word in the dictionary that even came close to describing the sheer perfection of his sculpted chest in a tight black t-shirt. Her mouth began to water as he stood and stretched, running his fingers along the slim line of his stomach, apparently unaware that each time he did, he pulled up the hem of his shirt revealing a line of silky dark hair that disappeared into his jeans.

Downing the rest of her margarita in one gulp, she was startled to realize he was speaking to her.

“Can I bring you another one darlin’?” He grinned as if he knew exactly what she had been thinking and eyed her empty glass speculatively. “I’m making a bar run.”

“Um…sure,” Stephanie replied, trying to slow her racing heartbeat.

“Why don’t you bring another for Hath here too, Jonny boy,” Richie said with an amused chuckle. He could tell Jon was zero-ing in on Stephanie, which would likely make for an interesting afternoon.

“Not a problem.” And with a grin and a nod, he shoved his fingers into his pockets and headed toward the suite’s bar.

With shaking hands, Stephanie pulled out her new phone, determined to figure out how to send a text message so she could let SOMEONE know what was happening.

Just a moment later, warm breath tickled her ear from the row behind her. “I can help you with that, you know,” he teased, winking as he handed over her drink.

“Oh…you’re in our suite now,” Stephanie said, kicking herself when she realized how completely star-struck she sounded.

“I thought I’d come over and chat with you since Richie is otherwise occupied,” he replied, letting the full force of his million-dollar smile wash over her. “Hope you don’t mind…”

“Mind? Why would I mind?” Hell no, she didn’t mind!

His signature smirk firmly in place, Jon stepped into her row and took the seat next to her. “So tell me your name, honey. I assume you’re a fan…”

“It’s Stephanie. And yeah, but don’t worry, I’m not gonna get all freaky or anything.”

He smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling slightly. “I knew that in the first thirty seconds, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to you like this.”

“Oh. Ok. Good.” That’s it, breathe Stephanie. He’s just a man. Talk to him just like any other man.

“So Stephanie, I have to ask, are you also a ‘writer?’” He used his fingers to put imaginary quotation marks around the word.

“Umm...maybe...why do you ask?” Oh God please don’t let him know me.

“Let’s just say I’ve had a little poke around on some of those sites....some of them are very talented writers.” He grinned.

“Yeah you sit around reading fan fic.” Stephanie replied incredulous.

“Well it’s not like I’m addicted or anything...Let’s just say I like to have that insight into what the fans like.”

“I suppose that’s reasonable” Stephanie contended, “I mean it’s hard to miss some of them when they are coming up on Google Alerts.”

“I wouldn’t know about that. I don’t have myself on alert.” He chuckled. “I’m not that egocentric. I just know my favourites.”

“And they would be...” Stephanie asked the loaded question.

“Oh You don’t get to ask a question until you’ve answered mine.” His blue eyes twinkled.

“I answered...I said maybe...” Stephanie defended.

Jon raised an eyebrow. “That’s not a real answer. Come on fess up....”

Concentrate Stephanie, she chided herself silently. It was hard to remember her own name under his intent gaze. “I may dabble.” She lowered her eyes to the ground.

“Well, well, well...two for the price of one. Are you a Richie writer as well?” He could see the line of questioning was making her uncomfortable but he couldn’t let it go.


“Dave...” He was hoping not, but was trying to narrow down the options.

“It’s you... ok! Are you happy now...I mainly write about you.” Stephanie squirmed. It was unfair that he sat there looking so smug.

“Actually I think I am. So Stephanie that your writing name as well?”

Stephanie cursed the day she had linked her real name to her alter ego. But still it would have taken some digging to find that out. She was sure he wouldn’t have gone that far.

“I know of one author by that name...that wouldn’t be you would it...Queenie?”

"NO!" She protested too quickly and too loudly. Even Hath and Richie turned to stare at her.

Jon turned to Hath, “Queenie here was just telling me all about her stories.”

Hath turned to her friend "He outed you that fast huh?"

Stephanie groaned audibly, “Thanks a LOT Hath.”

Hath looked at her friend’s bright red face and giggled. “Oops!”

Stephanie looked at Jon, his perfect white teeth glistening through his grin, “Ok let's get this straight,” she began, “I'm not confirming or denying anything, ok? Perhaps I write fiction about you....”

Jon shook his head, “No, you've already admitted that much."

She held up her hands. “FINE! But I have to draw the line at telling you who I am.”

“No problem....Queenie.” He chuckled.

Hath turned back to Richie, "You know she writes about you too, she's really good!"

“OH God...Can someone please shove a hotdog in her mouth...” Stephanie whimpered.

Richie grinned, “Sorry darlin’, I don’t have a hotdog but I’m sure I could find something to keep her mouth occupied.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her before glancing mischievously at her friend.

Hath slapped him lightly on the shoulder, “Oh honey... you wish!”

Stephanie bit her lip, wishing she could turn the clock back on the past twenty minutes, particularly since Jon was sitting there with the biggest, shit-eating grin she had ever seen on his face.

“Look,” she said, keeping her voice low since the rows behind them were beginning to fill with other spectators as the game was about to start, “I know this is all very amusing to you given the situation, but could we please drop the writing talk now? You’re making it very hard for me to concentrate on the game…or anything else…”

Jon’s eyes swept over her face, from the full lips and the intriguing eyes to the lustrous dark hair that made his fingers itch to touch it. His gaze followed it down to rest where it stopped, at her breasts – full and round. “Likewise, honey, but as you wish…”

They sat together companionably, both trying their best to concentrate on the game, now in full swing, but sneaking furtive glances at each other. And then their eyes met. Stephanie quickly turned her attention back to the game. She had had enough embarrassment for one day.

Jon on the other hand didn’t have quite the same amount of self-control. He couldn’t manage to tear his eyes away from her. He found himself picturing her as the heroine of her own stories, using that luscious mouth to do to him in reality what her heroines did in the land of fiction and wondering what he could do to her to make her scream. I want to hear her scream. A warm hand on his wrist sent a shot of electricity though him.

“Yes, yes!” She cried out, sitting on the edge of her seat, her focus clearly on the field.

Well that was easier than I thought, he chucked to himself before his attention was drawn to the action.

Somewhere nearby he heard a plaintive moan. “No... No...Dammit!”

He shot an amused glance in Hath’s direction. A look of horror distorted her features before she buried her face in her hands. Down on the field the Giants scored a touchdown.

Both Jon and Stephanie leapt up in unison. “Touchdown!” They screamed and then giggled together. The crown went wild all around them. The first touchdown in the new stadium and by the home team...could it get any better? Well, probably but it didn’t seem so at that instant.

“That was amazing...” Stephanie said as they settled back into their seats, “Did you see that pass?”

“…” His slow, lazy grin had a devastating impact on her senses. “My mind was otherwise occupied.” He lifted his forefinger to slowly trail down her cheek, causing her to gulp with fascination and frustration.

She looked at him as he spoke and noted the glint in his eyes. Surely that’s not for me, she told herself, he’s just passionate about the game. But, oh my God...if it was, what I’d like to do to him. She had told Richie she was married – which was true – but honestly, just how much self-control was a woman supposed to possess. If perfection offered himself to you, could you say no?

“Move aside..comin’ through...” A loud boisterous voice came from behind them, “Oh shit!”

The exclamation was the last thing Jon heard before being splashed with icy Margarita’s. A sharp intake of breath beside him indicated that Stephanie had suffered the same fate. He looked at her and saw that she was saturated from the head down.

He glared frostily at the woman in the row behind him. She shrugged and giggled, she had obviously abused the open bar and was exceedingly intoxicated.

Jon jumped up, “Why don’t you watch what you’re doing? Don’t you think you’ve already had enough? Look at her.” He shouted, pointing at Stephanie.

“Shhh... Jon...don’t worry about it,” Stephanie tugged on his arm, “Please..don’t cause a s..s..scene,” she shivered. The afternoon was unseasonably cool, and high up in the stands the chill of the breeze was particularly evident.

“Holly hell, Steph...are you ok,” Hath asked trying to suppress a smile. She couldn’t help it, her friend looked akin to a drowned rat.

Stephanie stood up to shake off the excess ice. “Just peachy thanks...”

Jon licked her cheek, the warmth of his tongue seemed to burn at her skin. Her had moved involuntarily to that spot.

“No...Melon actually...yum.” He chuckled cheekily but when she shivered again his mood sobered a little, “We better get you inside honey...out of this chill... try to clean you up. Come with me.” He held out a hand to her.

“ that’s ok. I can take care of it. I wouldn’t want you to miss the game.” She protested.

“Don’t be absurd...besides...,” he said indicating to himself, “I have a little cleaning of my own to do.”

Jon grabbed Stephanie by the hand and led her past the row of amused spectators. She was sure she would look back on this and laugh one day...but for now she just couldn’t see the humour in it.

The second they were out of the public eye and in the privacy of the suite’s luxuriously appointed bathroom, Jon dropped Stephanie’s hand and pulled his T-Shirt over his head. If the peak of flesh earlier hadn’t done her in this certainly did. She watched transfixed as his muscles of his back rippled with the movement of his actions. He turned around as he balled the shirt into his fist and rubbed it over his torso. She watched his nipples pucker as the fabric grazed over them. It took her a moment to realise he had spoken. He stood before her, a slightly amused but expectant look on his face.

“Sorry what?” Again the blood rushed to her cheeks.

“I said...Darlin’ you really should get out of that wet top, or you’ll catch a chill.” He replied patiently. It wasn’t the first time a woman had had that reaction to was all part of the job…women looking at him as though they’d like to eat him alive. That didn’t mean he always liked it though.... but he certainly did this time.

“Ahhh I don’t think so.” Stephanie replied shaking her head.

“Awe..why not? I can see just as much through that wet top as I’ll be able to see once it’s off.”

“I can’t take my top off in front of you.” She replied incredulous.

“Fine then...” He said, his trademark smirk adorning his features, “I’ll take it off for you.”

In some detached part of her mind, Stephanie rationalized that he was just trying to help her since she had gotten soaked from the drink…that it didn’t mean anything…that her husband would realize that it was all completely innocent.

Holding completely still, she watched his face, mesmerized as he slowly, methodically, unbuttoned her white cotton top. His eyes never left hers, as if he was waiting for her to stop him, but as the buttons got lower, his smile got bigger. Finally, he eased it off of her shoulders, his pupils dilating as he took in the lacy pink bra she wore beneath it.

“So sexy,” he whispered softly, bringing her fingers to his lips for a gentle kiss before releasing her and bringing his hands to her shoulders. “Just stop me if I do anything you don’t want me to.”

Somehow that reassurance took any last misgivings she might have been feeling away. And at that moment, he slid his hands into the thick curls at her nape and drew her toward him, his lips lowering, his warm breath on her face as her eyes fell closed.

It had been a long time since Stephanie had enjoyed such a kiss. Years of marriage often make kisses feel routine, perfunctory, a means to an end. But as his lips touched hers like the barest of whispers, she moaned softly, her mouth opening instinctively as his tongue swept inside.

He certainly had mastered the art of the kiss, and before she realized what was happening, he had skilfully unfastened her bra and threw the lacy garment to the floor. The feeling of her breasts pressed against his muscular chest was like no other, and she couldn’t resist sliding her fingers up the sleek muscles of his abdomen, teasingly stroking up and down.

The muscles in Jon’s shoulders bunched as he groaned and pulled her more forcefully against him. “Keep doing that and there will be no going back, honey,” he whispered harshly, his eyes blazing blue in the face of her teasing grin.

In response, her fingers slid lower, over the hard, denim-covered ridge that was now pressing into her belly.

Jon bit back a curse, looking around the room urgently. He dragged her to the doorway to make sure it was locked, flicked the dimmer down to a low setting and moved her over to a low settee positioned against the wall.

With raspy urgency, he whispered, “Today, for me, you’re Queenie, you’re not Stephanie. You don’t have other worries, no obligations, it’s just you and me. What happens here stays here. Alright?”

She nodded quickly and took a deep breath as he deftly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her smooth thighs, leaving her in a tiny pink lace thong that matched the bra he had discarded moments earlier. “This pink lace is gonna be the death of me,” he whispered wickedly before looping his fingers into the elastic at her hips and pulling it down.

Stephanie gasped as the cool air hit her overheated flesh, but didn’t resist when he gently lowered her to the settee, propping one of her calves against the top of the back while spreading her legs wide, her other foot still flat on the floor.

“Oh God,” she whispered, squirming against the cushions as she felt his lips at her center.

“You’re so fucking wet for me, aren’t you baby?” he whispered, delighted as she opened like a flower under his gaze. Placing his fingertips gently on the backs of her thighs, he positioned his thumbs along each side of her glistening clit and spread her even wider, exposing that swollen nub that he yearned for.

He glanced up at her face and smiled at the wanton picture she made, her breasts uplifted, the nipples pert as she grasped the cushion behind her head. Slowly she writhed against the settee, her eyes closed as she moaned softly. “Please, Jon…”

Without a second thought, he gave her what she wanted, latching onto her clit like a suckling baby. He gently pulled it and released it back into place before slowly circling his tongue around her clit, gauging her responses to each movement until he knew exactly what brought her the most pleasure.

Stephanie rose for just a moment to stare at him, his glossy lips poised mere inches over her pussy as his tongue worked her, his eyes gleaming with desire as he staked his claim to the most sensitive area of her body. Gulping, she lowered her head back to the cushion as she felt the tell-tale heat that started in the bottoms of her feet and shot upward through her legs. At that moment, he pressed his whole mouth against her and began to chuckle, the rumble starting deep in his chest and vibrating against his lips as her orgasm overtook her.

With steadfast hands, he grasped her hips, riding the waves with her until he knew she was almost to the point of being too sensitive for more stimulation. He gave her a gentle reprieve, but as quickly as she began to relax he was pushing her once more, still so close on the heels of her first orgasm that she instantly, ferociously climaxed again.

Stephanie was breathing hard as Jon kissed his way back up her body. His mouth claimed hers, his tongue sweeping inside so that she could taste herself on his breath. She revelled in the feel of his body on hers, the hard lines of him pressing down on her, moulding into her and then he was gone. She watched as he foraged around on the floor until he found what he was looking for. He pulled a foil package from his jeans and came back to sit on the edge of the settee.

He was ridiculously hard. It had been so long since a woman had proved to be this irresistible, and now all he wanted was to find himself buried deep within her warm wet folds. He began to tear open the small package when he felt her hand on his.

Stephanie was lying on her side. She had been watching him with interest. “Not so fast rock had your turn... now I want mine.”

Stephanie’s tongue moistened her lips as she stared at him hungrily. She swung her feet to the floor and sat up beside him before sinking to the floor at his feet. Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed gently until he was reclined on the seat and then she went to work.

Kneeling between his thighs and with the barest touch of her fingertips, she ran her hands up and down the inside of his thighs. She watched with pleasure, as each time her hands reached the apex of his thighs his cock jumped in response.

Resting her hands now at the crease of his thighs, her thumbs lightly stroking his sack, Stephanie ever so slowly let her mouth follow the path her hands had taken. Her hot wet tongue blazed a trail up his thighs with her gentle open mouth kisses. By the time he could feel her warm breath on his balls his cock was purple and straining.

“Ohhh fuck Queenie...please....” He begged, his voice rough and edgy.

“Please what?” She asked, looking up at him with bedroom eyes.

“Suck me...fuck me...I don’t care...just end the torture...I need to be in you. Any part of you...” His voice quivered...he was needy...desperate. She marvelled that she could bring him this far with just a few well placed touches. She hadn’t even began to work her magic yet.

“Ugh...fuck yes!!” Jon cried as her warm mouth enveloped his head.

Stephanie stilled herself and revelled in the taste of him – musky, salty, she needed more. Without removing her mouth she lapped at his slit with the tip of her tongue and tasted the pre cum there, it was her entree. She slid her mouth lower down his shaft and began to pump up and down, occasionally pulling off to tease his sensitive tip.

“You have a magical mouth Queenie,” he croaked out. His compliment spurred her on. She relaxed her throat and too his entire length until his dark curls tickled her nose. She clamped her thumb and forefinger around his base and groaned low in her throat and was immediately rewarded with her main meal.

“Queeeennnieee” he cried out as his sack emptied deep within her throat. She continued to groan and the vibrations along with her fingers clamping him had him cumming longer, harder than he had in years.

Stephanie drew back from his cock, taking care to lap up every last drop of his precious cum. But she did not give him much time to recover. She stood before him and bent low at the waist to kiss him deeply. Her tits hung temptingly before him and he reached out to cup them both, she moaned at his touch.

“ sensitive.” He clasped both nipples between two fingers and squeezed gently.

Stephanie gasped, “I hope it doesn’t take you too long to recover, honey...I don’t know how long I can wait with you doing that.”

Jon’s eyes moved to his cock – already rock hard and straining – hers followed them. “Ready when you are baby.”

“So I see” She grinned biting her lower lip.

Stephanie snagged the small foil package from the floor where it had been discarded earlier and within seconds had him sheathed. She straddled his thighs, and positioned her slit along the length of his rock hard cock. Leisurely she began to rock back and forth so that the tip of his cock enticingly teased her clit. She heard his breath quicken in time with hers, could feel his erratic heartbeat under the strong firm muscles of his chest where her hands braced her. When she could take no more, starring deeply into his eyes she rose up and in one motion seated him fully within her.

Jon ran the flat of his hand from the flat of her abdomen up between her breasts. Her skin was slick with the effort of their lovemaking. He caught her around the back of the neck, threading his fingers into the damp ringlets there and pulled her to him for a deep passionate kiss, their tongues entwining in harmony.

His other hand slid between their writhing bodies to find the small nub that would push her over the edge and undoubtedly take him with her. His thumb found the swollen bud and circled it gently at first, becoming more and more insistent with each murmur and moan.

“God your beautiful” he whispered in her ear, nibbling there.

Feeling the warmth radiate towards her core and knowing it wouldn’t be long now, Stephanie captured Jon’s mouth in another passionate kiss in an attempt to muffle her impending scream. Her walls began to quiver around him, clenching tight. Her mouth was on his again, frantic, wanton. And then they were both moaning in ecstasy as they peaked in unison, her walls pumping him dry of his seed.

Stephanie collapsed against him, her head resting in the crook of his neck.

As they both lay there catching their breath, Jon’s chest started to rumble with laughter.

Turning over, she propped her hand on his chest and couldn’t help but smile. “What is it?’

He smiled and gently kissed her swollen lips. “You exceeded my expectations more than you can imagine…”

“Your expectations?” she inquired, arching an eyebrow high up her smooth forehead. “How could you have had expectations?”

Jon’s eyes glimmered with amusement as he traced her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb. “You don’t really think it was all just a happy coincidence that we ended up sitting so close together, do you?”

Stephanie’s eyes grew wide with shock and she gasped. “You PLANNED this? But…how…why…?”

“Rich and I have been wanting to meet some of our favorite fiction writers for a while now.”

Stephanie fell back against the settee in shock. “Are you SERIOUS? This was all a big set-up? But…how did you know I’d bring Hath? And how did you know I’d go for…all this?”

“Educated guess. What I was more worried about though was that once I got you here, I wouldn’t find you as appealing as you are on my laptop.”

“And?” Stephanie asked frostily.

In response, he trailed his fingers through her hair once more, lowering his lips until they were a breath away from hers. “You have surpassed my wildest fantasies, Queenie. And I’m thinking…if you really want your stories to be realistic, you may need to do a bit more research…”


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