Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Wish Come True


Jen couldn’t believe it. She was alone...... ON HER BIRTHDAY. She had been devastated that morning when her boss had told her that she needed to attend to critical issue in their New York office, and that she would be required there immediately. A few of her Jovi friends had organised a trip to Boston to be with her on her Birthday, they were there now along with her family...and she was in New York....ALONE. Well the crisis had been handled and she was fine to fly home but the fates had been against her and she had been unable to get a flight out.

At least they put me up in high style, she thought sitting in her hotel room at the Mandarin Oriental. Before her sat a solitary cupcake she had bought herself at the bakery on the way back to the hotel. In the cupcake sat a solitary candle, she lit the candle and feeling more than a little sorry for herself, made a wish and blew it out. She looked out over the New York skyline and wondered if it would ever be. Her wish had been the same for the last twenty or so years of her life, but sitting alone in her hotel room the knowledge that it would probably never come true depressed her.

Her cell phone on the nightstand rang startling her. She moved to pick it up. “Happy Birthday Hussy” her friends chorused when she held the receiver to her ear.

“Thanks guys” she said despondently.

“Awe come on gorgeous” came a familiar voice from the other end of the line, it was her friend Willow from the board. “You can’t be down on your Birthday. You need to get out there honey, go enjoy yourself, get down to the bar and have a drink for us.”

“You know what, I think I will. Never know who you might meet in the big city and it’ll beat sitting here alone” Jen replied. She chatted to the girls for a few minutes longer before saying her goodbyes and heading down to The Lobby Lounge. It was elegantly decorated in tones of ivory, brown and burnt orange. It was getting late, and being a weeknight there were very few people there. She took a seat on one of the single ivory lounges near the window, oblivious to the attentions of a tall dark individual settled into an alcove on the other side of the room.

He watched her walk in. All sass and confidence wrapped in a business suit, he did not normally go for brunettes but something about her just commanded attention. As she crossed the room he admired her voluptuous figure, her long wavy brunette hair bounced with each click of her stiletto’s. She strode with a purpose to one of the single lounges and sat crossing her legs, the motion revealing the top of her stocking and the hint of a garter. He was a sucker for stockings!

For several minutes he sat observing her, as she sat sipping a margarita. There was a certain sadness about her, a loneliness he knew he could remedy, but he was enjoying his anonymity and he wasn’t sure if he wanted jeopardise it, but there was a familiarity about her. She was so different to the women he would normally date, but given his recent track record maybe that was a good thing. He sat a few minutes longer and watched as the bar emptied out. It was close to midnight now and he was sure that she would be leaving shortly as well if he didn’t intervene.
He rose from his seat and made his way to her. “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“Actually, I’m just about to head out” Jen wasn’t in the mood to be fending off advances but there was a familiarity in the voice that urged her to look up “Oh my fucking God.... you’re Richie Sambora”

“Well it seems you have one up on me” he smiled then, causing his eyes to crinkle “but then again.... hang on... I do know you”

“Huh? How?” was all that Jen could manage as she stood on unsteady legs.

He leaned in close, so close that she could feel his breath on her skin. His lips brushed her ear as he whispered, “Hello Goddess!”

Jen felt herself turn fifteen shades of scarlet then.

“Bu..But how?”

“Are you girls really so gullible as to believe that we don’t read fan sites? Obie came across Topix a while ago now and told the rest of us about it. Then we found that Fan Fiction thread which led us to your blog. Since then I think we’ve all read at least some of your work. You’re a very gifted writer” He grinned checkily “Though I think Teek is a little upset that you haven’t done him yet”

Jen stood mouth agape, she was speechless, a very unusual occurrence for her.

“And since a lot of your work is about me and at least some of it is rather ...shall we say acurate”
he continued. “I decided to do a little research and managed to find a picture of you. That’s how I recognised you.”

“Oh God you didn’t?”

“Yeah I did and I’ve been toying with the idea of contacting you for some time now. I have to say I like the way you think” he said winking at her. “But I’d be more than happy to provide you with some realistic inspiration.”

“Are you offering what I think?”

He simply cocked one eyebrow.

“I don’t know what to say.” She said still at a loss for words.

He knew the risks in doing what he was doing, but he didn’t care. All he wanted at this point was to have his fingers wrapped in that gorgeous mane of hair and those long silk clad legs wrapped around his waist. “How about we take this conversation somewhere a little more private?” He asked.

“Uh huh” was all she could manage.

“Let’s get out of here” He threw five hundred dollar bills down on the table before motioning her to go before him.

“Where are you staying darlin’?” he asked.

“Here. Fifty-third floor.”

“Well how about that! Me too!” He placed his hand on her lower back, guiding her gently through the lobby and to the lifts that would propel them to their destiny.

The presence of his hand burned through her suit and set her skin ablaze. Richie Fucking Sambora! She was in a lift with Richie Fucking Sambora!

“Your room or mine?” He asked. When she just shrugged “Mine it is then”

In the small confines of the lift he could smell her perfume, all sweet and spicy. He moved so that he stood behind her and gently pulled her hair to one side to gain access to her neck. His lips brushed the junction of her neck and shoulder as he inhaled deeply of her scent. His hand snaked around her waist and he pulled her back to him so that she was in no doubt as to his intent, his erection straining at his pants and poking her insistently in the rear.

Her breath hitched at his touch. Her insides were aflutter as the lift came to a halt on their floor and he led her out and down the hall to his room, no his suite. He swiped the electronic key and swung the door wide dragging her in after him. He swung around rapidly, her momentum causing her to collide with him. He steadied her with strong hands and leant in to kiss her. She closed her eyes in sweet anticipation of his mouth on hers but it never came. Instead he placed a chaste kiss on her forehead.

“Can I get you a drink?” He needed to slow things down a notch. The fever pitch at which the scenario was accelerating alarmed him. He moved towards the bar as she answered him, putting some distance between them.

“Just a Coke thanks.” She answered a little confused. She had thought his intent was clear. Maybe she was mistaken. She made her way to the large picture window that overlooked Central Park and admired the New York nightscape, ablaze with light.

“Can I take your coat?” He asked, coming up behind her once more, like a magnet she drew him in.

“Thanks.” She replied simply, grinning at what he would find.

As she undid the buttons he slid his hands into the neckline of her jacket and slid it off to find something most unexpected. A bare back, the shirt she wore was a white collared halter neck. Very business like in appearance from the front as long as the suit jacket stayed in tact. The muscles of her back rippled as she shrugged of the jacket, and the sight of them spelled the end of his control. Recklessly he threw her coat on an adjacent chair, he took her hands from behind, their fingers entwining, and bought them up to rest, still joined with his at head height. She flicked her head causing her hair to cascade over one shoulder giving him access to her neck, and when he pressed his body to hers and his hot mouth found that spot just below her ear she so loved, she thought she would die of pleasure.

Never had he been so aroused, painfully aroused, so quickly. He ground his pelvis in an attempt to find some relief but it only proved to make it that much worse. He nibbled on her earlobe and made his way down to her clavicle dipping his tongue into the dip there. He released one of her hands and bought his up to rest in an untethered breast, his thumb bothering the small peak that had formed there through the fabric of her blouse, bringing forth a moan. She turned her head, wanting his lips on hers, wanting to taste him and he enthusiastically complied, kissing her deeply, penetrating every last inch of her mouth with a skilful tongue.

Her hand reached behind him to find his cock rock hard and straining, and it was his undoing. He released her other hand and in one fluid movement he tore open her shirt. Buttons scattered, tiny projectiles that found themselves in every corner of the room but that was not enough.... he needed her exposed. He slid the zipper down on her skirt and pushed it over her hips letting it fall to the floor, finding her bare but for the stockings and garter belt. A guttural groan erupted from him then.

“We are the little hussy aren’t we?” He asked rhetorically.

“Mmmhmm” was all she could manage.

In an effort to regain a modicum of control he asked “Why did you look so sad in the bar?” as he turned her towards him, to admire her.

“Hmm...Oh...” The question he asked finally making its way through the passion induced haze in her brain. “It’s my birthday, my friends are at home to see me and I had a last minute call to come here”

“Well did that turn out so bad?” He asked, just millimetres from her mouth.

“Uh uh, now will you come the fuck on already” Her frustration shedding her of her inhibitions, as she undid the last buttons on his shirt and pushed it from his shoulders then made her way to his belt.

It was all the invitation he required. His hands found hers on his belt and moved them aside making shorter work of it himself. Within seconds his pants and boxers hit the floor and her skilful hands were on his erection.

“Whoa darlin’ if you want this to last any length of time you’ll let that go” he said pulling her hands from him and drawing her in for a kiss.

He turned her then back towards the window but an arms length away; she would need it to brace herself. He placed her hands on the glass and gently nudged her feet apart with his foot, wide, wider, until she was exposed for him, standing in a search position.

And search he did. She lost contact with him for a moment until she felt his warm breath between her thighs and his firm hands cupping her ass. He was sitting on the floor below her his back on the glass, his head between her legs. She was wet with her need for him, dripping. The first swipe of his tongue barely touched her, merely priming her for what was to come. The second grazing her clit bought forth a groan, but when he used his thumbs to spread her wide from behind and dipped his tongue inside she came undone.

“Ugh ugh oh oh ugh Richie... ugh fuck Richie......yes.....” Her head was thrashing now, her legs trembling but he did not stop. His mouth moving back to her clit sucking it in causing a second explosion within her until her hands came down and pushed him away unable to take any more of the sweet, sweet torture. He extended his tongue, tasting her one final time before regretfully moving away. Richie stood then, with her still facing the glass he moved behind and her pulling her waist to him he entered one fluid movement.

She felt him fill her completely, he allowed her mere moments to accept his size before he began thrusting in and out, slowly all the way, out and back in, seating himself with in her. One hand moved to her breast, pinching and teasing a nipple he knew soon he would need to taste, the other found her clit and played it as he did his guitar... masterfully bringing her to orgasm in just seconds, her convulsions around him almost to much for to bear. He removed himself from her creating a void, but it did not last long. He swung her to face him and lifting her high he impaled her on his cock. Her legs wrapped around him and she held fast as he pounded into her, seeking the release she herself had already found, several times over. He held her against the glass, pounding harder faster, and when she clenched her velvety pussy around him he finally found the relief he sought, exploding, spilling his seed deep within her.

With trembling knees he sunk to the floor, still joined with her. He laid her down gently on the ivory rug, and positioned himself on top. “Happy Birthday Darlin’” he said softly “But I’m thinking my present was as good as yours”

“Oooh baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. I thought you said you’d read my stories. By the time I’m finished with you you’ll think all your Christmas’ have come at once.” she pulled him down to kiss him deeply, a promise of what was to come...

Eight weeks later Jen was alone again, this time in the bathroom of her own home. She sat and waited anxiously for the test, waited for the little blue line that would confirm what she already suspected. Painstakingly slowly the line began to form. Finally her Birthday Wish had come true, she would have the child she had always hoped for. She thanked the fates that had not been against her after all, but had sent her Richie, her idol no less, on that wonderful, amazing miraculous night when he had given her the best Birthday present of her entire life... the one no one else could.

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