Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Gift

A Collaboration between Venus & Jovi's Willow


All I really wanted to do was get away from it all. I never expected to see you, meet you and leave the lake with a memory burned into my psyche forever.

I mean really, did you have to go and jump in that lake without your clothes? Oh, I’m sorry I startled you, but what else was I supposed to do. Your gorgeous dark hair, slender, tanned back, butt and long legs were the only thing I saw as you dove in, and I had to know what else I was missing. I felt like a school boy of 15, wanting to steal the clothes you left on that rock so that I would only prolong that time that I could watch you. Instead I decided to join you, diving in head first and coming up beside you.

Your initial reaction to me was hysterical, you trying to cover yourself in the crystal clear New Zealand lake, but it was a futile attempt at best. I could see your beautiful perky pink breasts bobbing just below the surface of the water and I just knew then that I had to have you.

Grabbing you around the waist, wondering how it was that I had gotten so lucky to find beautiful you in the perfect solitude of this beautiful country. Your skin was as soft as I’d imagined it would be in the moments before I joined you and I know that you felt my attraction the moment our bodies met. Reaching behind you to grab the back of your head, I brought my lips gently but firmly to yours, tasting the combination of you and of the lake water and deciding that you were the one I wanted, needed in that time and place.

The frigid lake water began to take its effect on me, on us. I felt you shiver, or was that the result of your passion I felt. I suggested we get out of the water and perhaps find an activity to warm us up but your modesty prevented you from leaving the little cover the water offered. It was then that I thanked my lucky stars for the blanket I'd brought along on my hike.

I confidently strode out of the water, pausing for effect as I reached into my backpack to retrieve the blanket, I could feel your gaze as though it were fire licking at my skin. Showing no modesty I bought the blanket to the waters edge, ensuring you understood my intent, and placed it on a nearby rock before turning around and moving away.

When I turned around you were wrapped in the blanket. Never before had I seen a sight so delicious, your cheeks flushed pink from the chill, your damp hair wild framing them. I moved closer to you and you saw me shiver. Taking pity on me you offered to share my blanket, opening your arms wide, welcoming me in to the warmth, into you.

I did not hesitate. I moved into you, your warmth, your passion. I could feel it now, I knew you wanted it as much as I and it was all the invitation I required. As we both warmed against each other it was as if our minds began racing simultaneously in the same direction. The next kiss was electric and the feelings shot through both of us as if we’d been struck by some sort of invisible lightening that appeared from nowhere in the bright blue sky. Once again I sought out your taste, nibbling first on your lips before gaining access to the wonders that lie beyond. Your skilful tongue came forth to tango with mine, leaving me breathless and wanting.

I needed to taste more. I laid a slow trail of kisses down your neck to the rosy peak at the tip of one breast and sipped of it before moving to the other. Your low moan had my cock throbbing, longing to be inside you, but I had other plans. Moving us to a grassy area under a nearby tree, I laid you down on the now drying blanket, taking in your exquisite form in full for the first time. My hand longed to touch every inch of you and then did, running from neck to torso and beyond. When I reached inside your thighs I couldn’t help but dip my fingers into you quickly – I just had to have a taste of your sweet nectar. It just wasn’t enough and I brought my head down lower, using my hands to part your legs gently. I delved in then with all of my being, consumed by my need to have more and more of you. Alternating between flicking at your clit and lapping at your juices, I looked up at you as your head thrashed back and forth, a combination of sheer relaxation and an unbelievable need for release. With a smirk I continued my sweet assault upon your every sense until I got the prize I had sought as you came hard and fast, screaming my name into the wilderness as you went.

I moved up and over you then and with one fluid stroke plunged into your silky depths. I could feel the convulsions of your orgasm still gripping you as stilled myself inside. Painstakingly slowly I began to stroke, all the way out and back in, and out again, the moist warmth of you inviting me to increase the pace but I resisted. I wanted, no needed it to last. I yearned to know everything about you then and all at once realized that I didn’t even know your name. “Your name, what’s your name?” I asked as I covered your face with delicate kisses. “Tresca” you answered simply. “My name is Tresca”. My mouth was once again drawn to yours, to share a soul altering kiss. I think that was the moment I knew, I knew I needed more, more than a day, more than a fling, more than a lifetime.

You urged me to go faster now, and how could I deny you. I slid my hand down your thigh to the crook of your knee and lifted it up, bending it, bringing it to your shoulder, I was amazed and pleased at your flexibility for it allowed me to thrust deeper. I did your bidding and picked up the pace, faster harder. I felt the first tremors of your second orgasm begin to clutch at my cock and knew this time I would be with you. As my balls tightened I realised that something was missing....

“Open your eyes Tresca, look at me” I urged and you complied sending me over the edge into sweet oblivion.

We lay in there that cool autumn day, basking in the warmth that was the union we had created, getting to know one another by touch only, no words spoken between us. Your eyes shone at me in a way nobody else’s ever had and I tried hard to memorize that look, that mirror into your very soul.

As we dressed quietly a little while later, I admit I caught a glimpse of you as you pulled your t-shirt over your head. You realized what it said and tried to hide it by lifting the bottom and threading it through the neck so it looked like a halter top. You blushed and turned to avert my view, but even then there were no secrets between us. It was a faded yellow-gold, the words emblazed on it were unmistakeable in my memory.

Just Jon.

You were my gift that day by the lake. I was so lost when I set out on that walk, never could I have imagined finding you but I thank my lucky stars everyday that I did. And even tho we haven't talked since then, I think of you every day.

So for your birthday I hope that you will choose to use the attached tickets and come to me in New York. I can't wait to see you again... my darling Tresca.

PS: Wear the shirt. I’ll be waiting.

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